About The Geek Girl.

Welcome to my blog.

This is a place to share with you, my cyber-friends, all my adventures and rants, my projects and passion, daily life and exciting new things. Part essays and reviews, part travel log, part letters to friends. Mostly just lots of thoughts about things. Naturally, everything here is subject to change and evolution.

Why is it called Geek Girl Travels, you ask?

Well, mostly, it’s just that I have a weakness for alliteration. I’m a self-described geek (among many other things), and knew I’d been geeking out a lot about a lot of things on my blog. I’m non-binary genderflux, but since I tend to be okay with female pronouns and have the aforementioned love of alliteration, using “girl” for the name works even though I don’t usually ID as a girl. Plus, it’s shorter than Geek Genderflux or Geek Genderqueer (which I also sometimes ID as, and one of which I might use for the next blog if I think of it in time whenever it happens).

As for the “Travels” part, my goal was to travel as much as possible before I end up settling down in any one spot. It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember, and I refuse to give it up! I’ve been fulfilling this by doing seasonal work (mostly housekeeping at ranches, resorts, etc) in parts of the country I’ve never lived before. All my possessions are either in a storage unit (I miss my stuff!), or in my car (which is basically my “home” between work seasons). I might be taking a break from this for a while, though. Seasonal work and constant travel is hard on the emotional stability, ya know?

And just who am I? Here, have some mix-n-match words that describe parts of me: autodidactic geek, aspiring blogger, avid consumer of media in many forms, queer introvert, passionate writer, punkrock pixie, multi-media artist, fanfiction advocate. If you’re curious to know more about any of that, just ask me!

To wrap things up, I’ll leave you with this guide to the links at the top:

The Letters are the blog posts for this journal, past and present.

The 2013 Photo-A-Day blog, on WordPress (now retired, but still online), was my basically successful attempt at Project 365.

The Twitter is used for signal boosts, conversations with friends, finding news and ideas, and is basically my semi-frequent coffee-shop-equivalent-hang-out-spot on the internet (when I have internet).

The Instagram is, obviously, for photos. It doesn’t get used much, honestly. That may or may not change in the future.

The Goodreads is brand new, so I don’t know how often or how much I’ll use it, but I started it for a friend so I’ll probably try to use it at least semi-regularly for her.


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