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Another Late Night Update; Or, I really should just go to bed now.

Another housekeeping post. I swear, I’m going to do a real one again some day. I keep writing really great ones in my head, but never when I’m on the laptop….

In case you were interested, the Blood Kiss Movie project got funded. I can’t wait, it’s going to be so awesome! If you want to keep tabs on it, the website is bloodkissmovie.com.

I’m still updating the Photo Blog, and my tumblr is posting automatically, and the twitter will show you want petitions, etc, I’m signing, as well as linking to the tumblr posts. So you can keep tabs on things that way, if you want. I highly recommend following the Photo Blog if you want day-to-day stuff type posts. There’s not going to be a lot of that here…

In other news, I’ve been making progress on my SF novel, which is exciting. I also now have rainbow arm warmers, which is a different kind of exciting. I just finished reading a HUGE non-fiction book about war, which counted as research for the novel, and have started a smaller one which will hopefully also be research, but so far is just making me gag with the horror that is religion-neocon in America. So it goes. Oh, and I have a new literary tattoo I want to get, which shall be added to the ever-growing wishlist of tattoo ideas. And I’m starting to make plans for the upcoming Seattle Trip, which is most exciting of all right now. Yay for seeing old friends!

But seriously, I’ve written some really awesome posts in my head for this blog. One was a long story about Doctor Who and my Mum, and another was explaining why I will never understand the attraction of zombies. Totally geek-worthy subjects. Some day….

And most serious of all, I really need to get some sleep now.

Good night, cyber-friends. Leave a quemment if you have one.

(Apologizes to Chris Hardwick. I’m totally stealing your word, but it’s only because I think you’re so great.)


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