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Halloween Approaches!

Yay! I love Halloween… Even if being in Hawaii makes it feel completely unlike autumn to this North Idaho-raised Geek Girl…

So far this month I’ve been busy trying to recover from the complications that happened due to the oral surgery, including an IV totally unnecessarily put into MY NECK, a second infection, and NERVE DAMAGE TO MY TONGUE that could take up to three month to heal, if at all.

You may be picking up on the fact that I’m still a bit upset. This is due to the oral surgeon being a horrible, lazy, trauma-causing person with an awful bed-side manner. Other than that, I’ve been healing quite nicely, and the holes where my wisdom teeth used to be are already down to just slits in the gum.

I’ve also been busy planning my Halloween outfit: 1920’s flapper girl. This is an outfit I’ve been coveting a proper good-quality version of for YEARS. I finally decided to go for it, and am putting it together the funnest and best way I know how: custom handmade myself, crafted from whatever I can hunt down.

It’s going to be totally fantastic! I’ve already got a gorgeous feather headpiece made, and have been practicing the makeup. Other components have been gathered, and all I’m waiting for is my order of black fringe to arrive so I can sew it on. I’m gonna look so cute!



Isn’t it pretty?


Having gotten in a sewing mood, and having recently come across a very inspiring website called Trash To Couture, I’ve also decided to start modifying a bunch of my clothes into a more personal and stylish wardrobe. It’s not the first time I’ve done something like this, but it is the first time I’ve done it with something resembling a plan…

And on a professional front, I’ve been settling back into my new job. I started working at a Recycle Redemption Center in town, and it’s been an interesting experience. Most of my co-workers are Philippine or locals — I stand out as the only white girl there. I’ve discovered I can lift (high enough to get onto the scales, anyway) a little over 70 pounds of glass bottles. It’s constant physical labor, constant activity, and hard work.

But I actually enjoy it. It makes sense that I’ve been good at a job like this, given my background of growing up on a farm in the country, in the land of “Work Hard, Play Hard” lifestyles. I come from a different culture than my co-workers, and they find my attitudes and approach bemusing to say the least, but we get along and I’m already called “sistah” by everyone. I’ve been accepted, obvious outsider though I am. It’s a nice feeling.

And while I would never want this as a full-time job, or even long-term employment, because it’s too much wear-and-tear on my body, I’m still really happy I get a chance to do this for a while. I would never have thought to try it, but it fell into my lap when I was job-hunting. It’s one of the most satisfying jobs I’ve had, and it fulfills the piece of me that was always unhappy with my old jobs because they all added to waste and consumption. Working in the food industry will kill your soul if you care about waste, and taking care of sickly indoor plants is gets futile and depressing when you love seeing green living things thrive instead of die.

Recycling is a great counter-balance to that, and working for a recycle center means I get to be part of the solution instead of adding to the problem. It feels good, and it keeps me smiling at costumers even at the end of a ten-hour day. I feel genuinely happy to help someone sort their recycling or give them information about our free e-waste program, because I truly believe that every little bit counts, and I’m keeping a little bit more from becoming trash in the earth.


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