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Talking ’bout stuff.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

As hoped, I’m getting two posts up in one week! Go me!

Starting next week, or possibly later today or tomorrow, depending on how butchering the pig goes (I mean that literally, in case you were wondering), I’ll be starting to post on a semi-regular schedule. The plan so far is:

* A Baking/cooking day, where I share new and favorite recipes and have photos as I make whatever it is I’ll be making;

* A Movie review day, which is a self-explanatory topic;

* A Creative day where I show whatever projects I’ve been up to, which could be oil painting, sketches, crafting, clothes modification, DIY hair/skin care, really cool make-up…you get the idea;

*Random other posts as interesting things come up that I want to share or talk about.

Eventually I’ll go on another trip this year, too, if things work out, and then some or all of the schedule will get replaced with another Trip Log series. But until then, this should help keep the blog active and interesting! Of course, all this is subject to tweaking and changing as needed… This blog is meant to be fun, so I’ll do whatever I need to in order to keep it that way.

In the meantime, here is a photo of a pizza my Mum and I made the other night. It was even more delicious than it looks, and it looks pretty tasty if I do say so myself:


The crust is made from scratch, the sauce is tomato paste with herbs and spices, the cheese Muenster, and the toppings are salami, onions, olives, garlic, green peppers, and mushrooms. YUM!

(No, this is not a recipe post, just gloating about my pizza!)

Talk to you soon.



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