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Tru Calling.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

While I originally planned on my Review Day post to be about movies, I decided it would be more fun to make it a review of anything — whatever I happen to be into at the moment. So to kick things off with this topic, I’m going to review a TV show I just finished watching:

Tru Calling is a decade-old Fox Network series which was canceled shortly into the second season (as happens to pretty much half-to-all their good shows). I had never known about it back when it aired, and only heard of it when it was mentioned in a list of shows that were ended before their time.

The Hero of the show is Tru Davies, played by Eliza Dushku. Tru as a character is strong, stubborn, and extremely compassionate. She commits herself to her calling of helping people with admirable passion, if not much discretion.

While she might have benefited from some out-of-the-box thinking a few times, she approaches each problem and challenge with a head-on determination that quite often — though not always — wins the day eventually.

In the pilot episode, Tru graduates college and is planning on going on to medical school. To that end, she has lined up an internship, but it falls through and she winds up accepting a position as a city morgue attendant instead — because it will still look good on her application.

However, the proximity to dead bodies reveals that Tru unknowingly has the ability to hear the dead ask her for help, which “restarts” the day, giving her an opportunity to find and help the person who is going to die.

Morbid and potentially repetitive as the premise sounds, the writers do a great job of keeping each episode unique, fresh, and interesting — not an easy task, I’m sure. The first episode was fun, and got me hooked just enough to try the second. I was surprised and pleased to discover in the second episode that the show didn’t seem to be going to follow a formula or pattern, which gave me the encouragement to keep watching.

I’m glad I did; the writers do a good job of blending both story and character driven elements, and the “restarts” didn’t feel dragging or repetitive. They did, however, feel like they could be used to make a fun drinking game, if one felt so inclined.

After reading one of the writers’ Livejournal entries (Spoilers, sweetie, so don’t read if you haven’t watched yet.) about the plans for the second season and the mythology behind the stories, I’m really disappointment Fox Network canceled before that could all play out. They were heading in some very awesome-sounding directions, and I was fully invested in going there.

That said, despite loose ends the show does wrap up in a good place. It’s open-ended, but still a satisfying chapter in which to close the book (as it were). Don’t let the six-out-of-thirteen-with-no-warning episodes of the second season scare you off — Tru Calling is still worth watching as is.

If you have any recommendations or requests for future Review Days, leave a comment below.




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