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Shaggy Fur Pelt, Part Two.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

Remember yesterday, when I said I’d get before and after pictures when I cut my hair? Well, consider yesterday’s after picture as today’s before picture, because I forgot. It happens…

Anyway, here’s my new haircut!


Basically I trimmed the back, nearly shaved the sides, and thinned the top.This has kind of become my usual haircut; it’s a nice compromise where I have the freedom/sensitivity of shaved on the sides, yet enough to play with on the top/front, and the back can be ignored. That pretty much takes care of all my needs, hair-wise.

The best part was that the comb-and-razor combo had the side benefit getting all the loose/cut hair out of the still-attached hair right away. When I showered off afterwards, there was no need to the usual five (or so) passes of scrubbing to get all the little bits of loose hair out, because they were already gone!

Next up, I’ll be looking into dyeing my hair again. It’s been awhile, so clearly I’m overdue. I’m thinking there will be strawberry blonde highlights involved. Fun fact: I was born with strawberry blonde hair, which darkened into what you see now.




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