Dear Cyber-Friends,

I know I was planning on Wednesdays being foodie-blog days, but, well, sometimes life happens. I’ve got a lot of various time-consuming things happening in my physical life — most exciting of which is my sister and her family moving to Hawaii, meaning we’re living the same state for the first time in SO MANY YEARS!!! — which leave me with a limited amount of time and energy for blogging.

still from "Safety First!"

Food days are the most time-consuming and pre-planning-required of my posts, since it requires me to figure out something to cook or bake, take two to three times as long to make it due to having to take all the photos, and then type up everything. I love doing it, but only when I have a lot of free time. The DIY posts are similar, but at the moment I have quite of few of them already photographed and just waiting to be typed up. The review posts are basically just fun writing practice, since it’s about stuff I watch/read anyway.

So, the point of this post is to tell you that starting next week (or now, if you count this), I decree that Wednesday shall be Whateverday, when I”ll writing about whatever random topic or rant I feel like. It may evolve into another review day, or personal life stuff, or more DIY since I already have a backlog of those, or I may even still cook/bake once in a while!

If you have an idea or topic you’d like to see for Whateverday, leave me a comment; if I think it sounds interesting, then you’ll get to read about it in the future!