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An Annoucement.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

Last month, I got about four posts a week up. I loved being able to do that, but realistically it takes a lot of time and brain-space. That’s part of why it makes good therapy for me, and why it’s really fun and rewarding to do; but it’s also why I need to take a break.

This month, I need that time and brain-space to start planning new adventures! My goal is to take off traveling on July, and I recently realized that July is not actually as far in the future as I kept thinking. Research and planning take time and effort, as does making money and learning skills to fund the travels. Since energy is a limited resource, I need to redirect mine into those things — at least for a bit.

To that end, I’m taking this week off from new posts. Next week, I’ll come back with new posts on Tuesday and Friday only. Tuesday will be the new Whateverday; I’ll talk about media reviews, or personal stuff, or thoughts on a subject, or progress in plans, or anything else that has been rattling around in my head. Friday continue to have the pre-photoed DIY projects and/or makeup looks, until I run out of them.

I’ll still be on Twitter, because that’s where my friends live, but I probably won’t be very active elsewhere for the time being. Follow or subscribe here or there if you want to make sure you don’t miss new stuff.

Thank you for your attention and support so far and in the future, and please wish me good luck in my new endeavors! I promise to keep you all updated here…  Even when it takes a while between posts.





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