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Not a DYI post…

Dear Cyber-Friends,

I said I would be returning to the DYI Friday posts for a while, but I’ve moved on. I’m no longer interested in writing them up. Someday they may make a comeback. This is not that day.

Instead, today you will get a short update about, well, basically everything I’ve been up to that isn’t this blog.

I’m writing this post Thursday night. Friday morning, my Dad and Brother-in-law will be slaughtering the other breeding sow. Mum and I are planning to be gone when it happens; she knows she can’t handle being around it, and I don’t feel like finding out. Handling the meat doesn’t bother me, but watching the pig die might. So I’ll be helping with the butchering again instead, in a few days.

Everything is pretty much full-steam-ahead. Farm life ticks on as usual, only doubly so since my parents have a new piece of land to start clearing. Family life is a constant stream of activity now that our lives are ruled by a three-year-old. Work life continues on, with occasional side jobs that take up more of my time and help boost my income/saving. And I continue to research for my future adventures in the summer…which currently involves a lot of reading books from the library and a little of bookmarking many many websites which I will then have to comb through, and taking lots of picture-notes which I will then have to organize and follow up on, and… You get the idea.

Lately I’ve been feeling very tired and stressed out a lot. I’m not sure why exactly, other than getting worn out from ALL THE THINGS and scraping along without actually getting away from it to recharge at any point. I just started trying to exercise regularly again, so perhaps that will help. Hopefully I will making time to start writing more pages of my novel again, too.

On the plus side, it’s awesome being around my sister again!

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll talk to you all again on Tuesday. Hopefully I will have more to say… Feel free to suggest future topics in the comments!



PS: Rather than a random picture, I’m going to leave you all with this excellent advice below.

how to care for your introvert

(Yes, I’m an introvert — it is why I internet. And yes, I agree with this advice, though please remember that every introvert has unique needs and wants, and it is best to tailor their care to suit them, and also remember that we are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves.)






3 thoughts on “Not a DYI post…

  1. I hear ya on the need to recharge on a regular basis… very hard to do with a little one in the household and a busy life. Hope you (and I) find the time for that. I love the How To advice!


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