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Dear Cyber-Friends,

It’s been two weeks now on the Ranch, with my only recreational technology use being occasionally checking email on my phone. This is a pretty sudden change from what I had been doing: laptop and phone in constant internet and media use, often simultaneously.

The effect of this change has been interesting; I’ve been reading a lot more, as I used to as a kid, and as I’d gotten out of the habit of doing. And I’ve been spending more time just being, enjoying the sunlight or taking a nap or hiking or just hanging out. It’s been very relaxing, soothing on mind and body, so that even the 9+ hour days I occasionally have don’t seem like too much work.

Even if I end up going back to my techo-habits at the end of summer, having this time away, knowing all I need to feel content and fulfilled is good books and lots of nature to explore, feels like a rare gift in this land of smart phones and laptops and tablets. While certain things — like looking for my next job and filling out applications — would be so much easier with my laptop, I can’t really say I have any regrets about leaving it behind when I came out here to the Ranch.



2 thoughts on “Adjusting.

  1. Good for you! It’s been my experience that it’s not easy unplugging yourself, at first, but it is oh so worth it! A good practice to do every now and then, at least. Just don’t abandon us forever… I love your posts!
    Also: Wow, look at that gorgeous scenery! You’re definitely not in Hawaii any more.


    • Happily, I can also still blog on my phone, though posts will naturally be a bit shorter… I’m thinking once a week or so, maybe once a fortnight. I won’t be gone forever!


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