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Still Alive!

Dear Cyber-Friends,

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! Sorry about that…

Life on the ranch keeps me busy, and I could easily do a whole series of posts about it; a tour of the buildings and land, a outline of the average weekly schedule, some of the more memorable and less average moments of excitement we’ve had this season, what it’s been like adjusting to a new diet and climate and how my (oh-so-temperamental) body has reacted to that (I’ve gotten sick a LOT more), stories of staffers and the things we do on and off the ranch, the ways I’ve changed and grown since coming here… So much to tell you all about! And that’s not even getting into what it was like waiting for news from my Hawaii family about Iselle (they’re all okay — survived undamaged in all the important ways).

But those stories will have to wait another month or so, until I get back to Seattle and my laptop and stronger internets. Stay patience, friends, and I promise there will be much to read about in the coming season…



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