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Update from Colorado.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

The season is winding down here at the ranch as autumn sets in. The days fluctuate between cold and rainy, and hot and sunny. The nights are just cold, and usually star-filled. The mountains might get first snow tonight, and some of the staff and family have been spending their days haying the fields so the horses can be fed through the winter.

I’ve been helping to close up cabins for the winter – unplugging everything, giving it one last cleaning, collecting all the blankets and bedspreads and curtains and pillows to wash, bag, and label, checking for things to repair, and so on. All this is on top of my usual daily work, but since there are fewer guests there’s plenty of time for everything.

Tomorrow I’ll find out if I’ve been hired for another housekeeping job at a ski resort in Montana. [Edit: I got the job! The offer came a day early, which seems like a good sign…and the perks sound awesome. I’ll be working hard and playing hard this winter, for sure.] It won’t start until December, so I’ll be heading back to Seattle for the interim in two weeks. It’s hard to believe this adventure in Colorado will be over so soon; in some ways it feels like I just got here, and in other ways it feels like I’ve always been here. One thing is for sure: my love and at-home feeling for small country towns has definitely been reaffirmed.

Today is my day off, and I’m spending it wandering around this little rural town, hanging out in a local cafe, checking out the library, walking down side-roads looking at the homes, poking around shops… I love days like this; there’s no better way to get a feel for a place than by foot and without an agenda.

More later, as always.
Happy wanderings,


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