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Trip Log: Destination, eventually.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

The end is in sight! Last post was pretty much it for photos, as I said, but clearly the trip doesn’t finish with my driving off into the sunrise on my way to Texas, since I’m currently in Colorado. So, despite not having pictures, I’m still going to complete the story.

After spending the day in Carlsbad and the night in a motel room, I headed off towards Fort Worth. I had two days to get there, but decided that one night in an actual bed wasn’t nearly enough, so I found a cheap motel to spend the night on my own, which was just as luxurious as it sounds after weeks of car-camping in the desert.

The next day, I finally arrived at my friend’s, and could actually and completely relax for a while. It was super fun, of course; I got to go to a geek girl meet-up at a comic book store, read stacks of comics, eat real food, visit with new friends, have internet without finding a library first (shout-out to the awesomeness of libraries having free wi-fi, fyi), and to top it all off, spend the weekend going to Scarborough Renaissance Festival! I had a fantastic time, saw wonderful performances, buy cool stuff, eat faire food, the whole nine. It was perfect.

But all too soon, it was time to head out again so I wouldn’t be late to my summer job. I considered more road-trip camping, but spending a long weekend sleeping on a comfy couch ruined me, and I decided to spend a loooooong day of driving to go straight to Fort Collins, CO, where I booked a bed at an international hostel for a couple days.

On the way, I accidentally locked my keys in the car at a rest stop and was rescued by a very sweet old couple in a huge camper van. Thank goodness for my AAA membership and the kindness of strangers taking pity on a very freaked out panicking young woman. (That’s all I have to say about that. It was highly embarrassing.)

Eventually I made it safely to the hostel, which was in a fabulous building literally built around a huge plant-filled conservatory. Apparently had been designed and owned as a private home for a photographer who liked a natural-light studio. Now it’s owned by a mother-daughter duo who are very welcoming and nice, and have lots of coffee and waffles in the morning for their guests.

I got to explore Fort Collins a bit, which was really fun, and stock up on various supplies I’d need for the upcoming summer — like my very first pair of actually grown-up cowboy boots! (I had a pair I wore a lot as a kid, but never as an adult until now.) Eventually the day arrived to get to the ranch, and I headed out yet again. I took a detour to drive through part of Rocky Mountain National Park (totally gorgeous, but at that point still snowed in at the top), and then at long last I started reaching familiar places from my previous summer on the ranch.

The time had come to stop moving for a while and actually settle in for a few months of work.

One last photo, of my area of the shared bedroom:


And that, my friends, brings this tale of travel to an end. I hope you all enjoyed the photos and stories.

Until next time,



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