Hawaiian Sunrise.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

Time for mica makeup!

I’m calling this look “Hawaiian Sunrise” because the color combo reminds me of a yummy tropical drink — the kind with fruit and a paper umbrella, perhaps…

First, I use a pointed blender brush to apply the semi-matte mica powder mixed with arrowroot powder as a primer around my eyes. To show the difference, I took a photo when only one eye was done (it’s the one I’m pointing to):


It’s very subtle, but it evens out the skin tone a little and adds some brightness to the shadow areas (like under my eye). It also helps the mica powder spread more evenly and stick around when used as a primer.

When used as a finishing powder — which I highly recommend trying — it evens out different shimmer levels so the makeup has a more uniform, polished look. It also helps keep the mica from traveling to the creases of the lid quite as quickly.

Once my eyes were primed, here’s the powders and brushes I used:


  • Copper mica 
  • Blue Claret Pearl mica
  • A domed blending brush
  • A domed smudge brush

All were bought from Coastal Scents.

And here’s the Hawaiian Sunrise eyeshadow look!



So pretty!

As you can see, I used the pink on the medial edge of my lid which blends into the copper on the lateral edge. Nothing else was used to get this look.

Be sure to come back for my Monday Media review!




Daytime friendly.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

Time for another home-made make-up look!

Today’s eye makeup is daytime-friendly, that can easily transition to evening.



For this look, I started with a base of arrowroot/mica powder, applied with a blending brush.

Then I took the darker shadow mix I created (from this post) and used a dome smudge brush to apply along the upper lid and slightly into the outer crease.

I took a clean blending brush to smooth out the edges, and then used it to apply arrowroot/mica as a finishing powder along the underside of the eyebrows and the lower lid, blending it into the edges of the shadow.

I took a detail liner brush, and applied a cream eyeshadow I made out of a dark purple mica powder (look for a future DYI Friday post on making that!) along and slightly beyond the outer edge of the lash line, top and bottom.

This makeup wears well. I didn’t noticed the color migrating — like it did in last week’s look — until I teared up during a particularly feels-filled scene of a movie later in the evening. After that, the shadow was definitely heavier in the creases of the eyelid. But I find that an acceptable exception. We’ll see how much that happens with the powder base verses a cream base in future looks.

Also, on the rest of my face, I’m wearing a homemade face cream, concealer, and finishing powder! Those will all get future blog posts as well.



Subtle Enough For Work.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

As promised, here is my all-homemade make-up look!

For the first official post, I went with something completely different: subtlety. This is because I needed an eye make-up look I could wear to work, something very neutral. So I figured I’d share it with you all!



My eyes:

I used a tinted cream as a base (keep your eye out for that future DIY post: tinted chapstick).

Over this, I used a dome smudge brush and a pointed blending brush to apply two mica powder eye shadow mixes:

A lighter one for my lid,

And a darker one (from this post last week) for the outer edge and crease.

Then I used a detail brush to apply a thin coat of my black iron oxide eyeliner (also in a future post!) along the upper lash line.

I used my arrowroot and mica mix — and another blending brush — to finish off under the eyebrows and the lower lid with some translucent brightness!

I also used a not-homemade mascara on the outer upper lashes, after I curled them (shh, don’t tell!).

Pro Tip for naturally-long-lashed people who wear glasses: even if you don’t wear mascara, try curling your lashes anyway. It helps keep them from brushing against your lenses! I went WAY too long before figuring that out for myself…

This look lasted through my work-day without any big issues. The color migrated a little bit to the folds of skin on the upper lids, but it was only noticeable when I closed my eyes, and the overall appearance was still good.

Hope you have a great weekend!



Speaking Of…

Dear Cyber-Friends,

I finished a couple more oil paintings today, and thought I’d share them with you.


I’m still toying around with a name for this one… it’ll have something to do with watching shooting starts in a grassy field on summer evening, because that’s the feeling it conjures up for me.


This one I’m calling “I Open My Heart.”

It’s the phrase I thought of when I decided it was done, which is how I usually name my paintings. It didn’t photography very well, unfortunately, but when I look at it in person, for some reason I think of the last line of a movie I watched once:

“Knowing love, I can allow all things to come and go, to be as supple as the wind and to face all things with great courage. My heart is as open as the sky.”



I’m the Green Fairy! (No, not actually.)

Dear Cyber-Friends,

There are a few things I don’t feel I can do tutorials for. They are things that I might like the results of, but am unskilled enough at technique that the results come about by accident and happy chance. Oil painting is one of those things. Makeup is another.

However, I will still gladly share those end results that I like, and perhaps a photo or two of the steps along the way. I figure if nothing else, they are pretty to look at, and hopefully seeing what I stumble onto might inspire a few of you to get creative on your own!

That said, here is today’s fantasy fairy makeup.

No make-up:


…halfway through:


And the finished result!





Dear cyber-friends,

I recently acquired a new sketchbook and a set of charcoals, along with more oils and canvas.

This is my first drawing in the new book. I was aiming for a dragon, but got feathers with the scales, so now i suspect a certain South American deity had his own ideas of what i should sketch…

I’ll be posting more later in the week, hopefully, so stick around!



December Begins…

Hello cyber friends!

I know I haven’t updated this blog in a really long time, but I have plans for this space come the new year….

In the mean time, please enjoy these phone-photos of some oil paintings I’m currently working on.

Happy holidays if you celebrate any this month, and if you don’t, then I hope you have a happy month!

All the best to you and yours,