Trip Log: So Much Driving, So Many Photos.

Dear Cyber-Friends,

After leaving my brother’s in Oregon, I crossed the state and entered Nevada for the first time.


I spent the day driving, listening to “The Hot Zone”, one of the audiobooks I’d bought in Portland. When it started getting dark and I started getting tired, I pulled into a convenient and empty rest stop to spend the night in the middle of nowhere.

My First Nevada Sunset.

My First Nevada Sunset.

The next day I reached a town where I was supposed to meet up with a friend from Idaho, but that turned into a missed connection. I spent a few hours wandering around, though, which felt pretty good after so long in the car. And I got to recharge my laptop at the local library, which was a bonus.

Further into Nevada, I stopped to walk around again at a Recreational Area with a petroglyph interpretive trail, and took a lot of pictures…and even made a new lizard-friend!

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I continued on, again driving until the day was almost over and I was getting tired. Near the border with Utah, I stopped at Great Basin National Park to spend the night in one of their campgrounds. I drove up the road a bit in the morning, and had a great view into the basin from the foothills.


Crossing into Utah, I really started to fall in love with the southwest. Here’s a great example of why:


Photos do not do it justice. Around almost every corner it felt like there was a new sweeping vista of cliffs and valleys to take my breath away with sheer awe. Intellectually, I knew what to expect from this area; I was not prepared at all for the actual experience.

I crossed Utah pretty quickly, despite stopping multiple times just to take in the sights. By evening, I’d reached a different friend’s house just over the border in Palisade, Colorado. I spent yesterday there; visiting, relaxing, planning my next leg of the trip, going to a winery, and walking through Riverbend Park where I took more pictures.


Today I’m hitting the road again. For the next couple weeks, I’ll be exploring Arches, Moab, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, and various surrounding areas, before heading down into New Mexico and on to Texas.

Updates may be a bit sporadic for a while, but rest assured I’ll have some impressive photos to share once I’m online again! I’ve finally gotten around to getting my actual camera out (as opposed to my phone, which is what I’ve been using for all these photos), and I even made sure both sets of batteries are fully charged.

The desert awaits!