A Note About Spoilers (sweetie).

Dear Cyber-Friends,

First off, as a Doctor Who fan, I will forever and all-the-time-always hear or see the word “spoilers”, and immediately think this:

Secondly, since I’m making reviewing stuff a thing, I want to lay some ground-rules about spoilers. Obviously in a review there’s going to be some mention of plot, and thus the potential to reveal secrets and surprises.

There is a school of thought that “age = fair game” with spoilers, which means the older movies, TV shows, and books can be fully discussed since everyone has had a chance to see or read it by now.

I do not share this philosophy, though I understand it. Since I haven’t watched and read ALL THE THINGS, I still discover great movies, TV shows, and books that have been around a while. I still like to be able to approach them fresh, knowing little or nothing in advance. I assume there are people out there like me who would also like to do that, and who might like getting recommendations from this blog.

In my Review Day posts, I will not talk in detail about anything not revealed in the pilot or summery. If I do, I’ll talk about it in vague terms that don’t spoil big reveals later on. And if you feel like leaving comments (please do if you want!), then I would appreciate the same respect for anyone who might still be new to whatever the discussion is about.

Links to websites containing spoilers will have a warning (Spoilers, sweetie), and any discussions about spoilers will be in rot13. If you are unfamiliar with rot13, it is a very simple internet cypher used thusly:

1) Text will look like gibberish. Highlight and copy the gibberish.

2) Go to rot13.com.

3) Paste the gibberish in the box and press the “cypher” button.

4) You can now read the text.

If you want to use rot13 to comment, just do the steps in reverse: type in box, cypher, copy, paste in comment.

Thanks for cooperating. It’s really easy, and it’s respectful.